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Hi everyone my name is Amanda, I have cerebral palsy and wanted to share my love story.


I was in a previous relationship and he broke up with me and I was devastated for a good year and I said I’m gonna put myself out there again, so I started online dating. It wasn’t going like I hope it would so, the last day when I was about to delete my profile, I received this message saying that I was beautiful, and we been together ever since.

Mike popped the question September 2019 and we’re going to get married November 15th, 2020.

Amanda Marie Papis 

We are so happy for Amanda and her fiance that we are asking for your support and donations to send them a wedding gift or funds for their honeymoon. No donation is too small. If you believe in love please help us show them some love. 

Congratulations Amanda!! 

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Thank you for creating this new resource to help families of children with special needs. 

Our family has chosen to serve the special needs population in a unique way.  We foster and adopt the ones we can. We have adopted Zoe, who you are helping out with wipes. She has severe cerebral palsy and is dependent for all cares. We have also adopted a son with Down syndrome and hearing impairment, a daughter with a cognitive impairment, a son with a genetic deletion, cognitive delays, and muscular dystrophy, a son with adhd, a son with learning disabilities, a daughter with mental illness, and have guardianship of a man with cerebral palsy. 

At times this is all a bit much, but we love being able to serve.  We really appreciate the support we receive from you through the wipes you provide. While it is helpful financially, I think the emotional support of knowing someone is out there helping our cause is even more important.  And you certainly understand all the extra expenses that go into raising a child with special needs, from the wheelchair van to the stander, adaptive bike, special bed, bathroom modifications , etc. thank you again for bringing awareness to this special population.  


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Jasmin & Lance

Jasmin and Lance Leadon were born 5 ½ years apart with the same rare condition, Autosomal Recessive Congenital Hypo myelination Peripheral Neuropathy. Born 10 weeks early in 2011, Jasmin stayed in the hospital for 6 months. Undergoing surgeries and a myriad of testing, Jasmin was not officially diagnosed until her brother Lance was born in September of 2016, despite prior genetic testing. When Lance was born presenting the same way as Jasmin did at birth—not crying, not breathing, bi-vocal cord paralysis and unable to successfully wean off the ventilator—doctors decided to compare the DNA in their blood. This is when they found the misspelling in their gene that led to their diagnosis. After a 3 month hospital stay, Lance was able to join his sister at home.

Doctors explained that the Lil Leadons are the only two alive in the United States with this condition that affects their motor-neuro functions. Both children have tracheostomies and g-tubes and have not yet walked or talked. Having been told that kids with this condition normally don’t live beyond the age of 7 months, we are blessed that Jasmin “Jazzy” will be 8 years old in January and Lance turned 2 in September. Their parents, Keith and Maria, have always taken the stance, “We Believe God!” and “We reserve the right to hope,” and have watched as their children continue to overcome the odds of their diagnosis.

Every day with Jazzy and Lance is a gift and Keith and Maria are determined to show them the world. Being wheelchair bound with much equipment, however, limits the Lil Leadons from traveling safely to and from appointments or taking a vacation. Therefore, Keith and Maria’s goal is to attain an RV to allow them to travel as a family with a goal of giving them a life and not simply keeping them alive.  

Thank you to everyone who supported the Leadon Family! Your support and donations paid off! The little Leadons finally have a van that fits them and their equipment. They took their first trip to Houston to visit family! Take look at their nice new van!

 Thank you again!!


Our family was able to purchase a 9 passenger van that we will convert to a handicap accessible van (ramp and wheelchair tie downs). To date, we've been able to take our children to Texas to meet their extended family and to Cleveland to spend the weekend with family. The money raised on our behalf, from Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati, was used to help make the down payment for the van. 
Thanks a bunch! 


The day you guys surprised me, even though I partly knew of it because my husband spilled the beans the day before, I was still very thrilled and excited. It still had that effect on me that it is actually my day, that I was special that day because two people, from Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati took time to spend with me and pamper me. Time is valuable and you can never take it back, that is why I appreciate the time you guys spent with me. Let alone the massage and pedicure! It was very thoughtful of you guys and went beyond to spend and treat this momma, I felt like a lady and was reminded that even if we are busy and struggling day to day we have to take care of ourselves not only for ourselves but for our children. They need a mom that takes care of herself too! I felt very empowered indeed, thank you guys. You are amazing and what you do is very special and empowering.

Sincerely, Mary

Mother of 2 sons - 7 Henrik (who has cerebral palsy) and Caleb 1