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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of organization is Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati?

Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to assist families affected by cerebral palsy. Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati offers a variety of services to our families such as: Self-Care, Respite Hours, Cleaning Services and Home Modifications.

2. Can anyone request to receive Respite hours?

Yes, we are currently serving within “Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren” counties. However, if we have an available nurse to travel outside of these four counties, it will be case by case.

3. Can we receive financial assistance from Their Voice?

At this time, we are unable to provide financial assistance.

4. How does the respite program work? Does it cost?

Respite gives caregivers time to work or pick up extra hours, grocery shop, clean their homes, or just have some "me time"; while their loved ones are being cared for by one of our trained Nurses. Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati “Respite Program” is free of charge to our families. If interested please contact us at:

5. Do you offer any support groups for families affected by cerebral palsy?

We are so excited to announce we have partnered with Inclusion Club House for our virtual support groups every Wednesday at 5:30pm (PST) 8:30pm (EST).

6. How can I help and/or donate?

We are always looking for volunteers at our events and fundraisers. You can sign up to be a volunteer. You can also donate to this organization by going to our “Support Us” tab where we have various ways on how you can help support this organization.

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