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Grief and Holidays

People seem to think that once your loved one has been buried and the funeral service is over that the grief is over. But what people need to understand and realize is that grief comes and goes whenever it chooses. While washing dishes, driving in the car, taking a shower and especially around the holidays. So please don’t disregard the feelings of those who have loss a loved one. You never know what they are going through. When they have “moments” allow them to have those moments. It’s important to get them out and not keep them bottled in. Although grief comes and goes I know for me I am on an emotional roller coaster from October until the beginning of February. My son‘s bday is November 8th, then we have Thanksgiving, My daughters bday who was born 11 months after my son passed away, then Christmas, New Years, and then Jan 3rd the day my son passed away. Even though I may not technically be thinking about him, grief always seems to show up when I lease expect it to. I miss my son everyday but of course not being with him during the holidays when surrounded by family I miss him even more! It will be 10 years in 2021 but when grief hits that pain hits as if it just happened.

So please keep us in your prayers and understand that grief has no expiration date.

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