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Welcome To 
Their Voice

A non -profit  501c3 organization whose sole purpose is to assist families affected by cerebral palsy.


We wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who supported us!

To date we have provided 1360.65 hours of respite care

and spent out $27,827.80 since 2021!

How Do We Help?

Their Voice of Greater Cincinnati, Inc's mission is to uplift, inspire and support families affected by cerebral palsy.


Respite Hours

Pampering caregivers to help promote mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. If our caregivers are not properly taking care of themselves, it makes it hard to care for others.

Giving caregivers time to work or pick up extra hours, grocery shop, clean their homes, or just have some "me time" while their loved ones are being cared for by one of our Nurses. Need some respite hours, please email us so we can get you some help. 

Cleaning Services

We will have a professional cleaning company come in once a week or once a month to clean a family's home.

Home Modifications

Assisting families with getting in contact with the right resources to get the modifications needed.


Upcoming Events


To learn more information, please visit our events page!

Sign up and get the volunteer form at the link below!



Connect with us


10979 Reed Hartman Hwy.  Suite 328  

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Office Number

(513) 788 - 4381

Office Hours

8am - 5pm

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